From a Surrogate Soil

From a Surrogate Soil


Permanent installation at Husby subway station, Stockholm 10 sculptures inserted in the rock, spread over a 30 metres large wall I Cibachromes of paintings cast in polystyrene I Glass.

A 30 meters long white wall is the first thing one sees when coming down the escalator. At first sight, from a distance, the sculptures builds black “holes” in the rock, as empty spaces with shiny glass surfaces where daily events are reflected at different times of the day; as the day-time fills with movement at regular intervals which drop off and transforms into a deserted site where meetings, violence and silence reigns. Approaching the wall, the surface turns into red spots upon the chalk-white wall and closer up the red roses appears.

Installation including: Floor piece I 300×300 cm I Cibachromes of paintings cast in polystyrene, each 50x50x20 cm I Optic white glass I Reliefs I Height 220 cm. concrete, pigment, lead I C-prints.

In a repeating dream I find myself in a room where the floors are covered with roses; red, unnaturally big, perfect, stiff, lifeless. Walking on them I realise they are indestructible. The spaces are different in each dream. Thick rose stalks growing slowly around the walls turn the room into a claustrophobic darkness. One can’t get out. I travel to each site from the dreams. Placing a sketch of a floor sculpture in each space: digital images of painted red roses on a plastic film. Making a photograph of each site: Florence, April 4, 1990: Abandoned cemetery. Family chapel from WW II, Venice, April 6, 1990: The inner yard of a closed monastery, Vienna, November 19, 1990: Abandoned grave. Stockholm, March 8, 1991: Entrance to a subway station in the suburbs.