Artist’s book I Published by Holy Dog Production I Page layout by Johan Jenelius I Printed in Italy by Tipolitografia F. Begliomini I Helen Broms Sandberg
Folds includes images, diary notes and quotations from Joseph Brodsky’s texts and poems. The diary notes are related to or inspired by Brodsky’s texts about time, memory and loss but also by my talks with him in New York, Stockholm and Massachusetts between 1993 and 1995. Joseph Brodsky died in February 1996. Re-reading and re-folding nine years later, I realized that the unfinished work had unconsciously continued inspiring me in doing other projects, that the images where as clear and as powerful as they had appeared the first time that I’ve read Brodsky’s texts, that I wanted to continue the work but there where no more words, that there were no voice to answer my questions, so I gathered the material I had at the time the work was interrupted in a kind of scrapbook. Folds is a fragmented story about the folds of memory, about travelling in time, about travelling irrationally by coincidence, like folding a book where some pages are missing, examining how images and words can interact and interfere.