Dust is the Flesh and Blood of Time

Four channel video installation I Duration: 17 min. (loop) I 3:4 I Four monitors mounted in the floor under glass I C-prints taped to the wall. 

A reconstruction of an abandoned house of a disappeared woman. The space like a portrait imagined through traces and objects. Video and photographs representing different times; the camera for investigation, documentation: Natural size photographs of the woman’s personal belongings, objects and fragments of the rooms as images from memory. The video camera for recording time, reconstructing the present. Video-loops in a floor of monitors showing the first walk through the rooms in real time.

”Every surface craves dust, for dust is the flesh
of time, as a poet said, times very flesh and blood;
but here the craving seemed to be over,
now it will seep into the objects themselves I thought, fuse with them, and in the end replace them”
Joseph Brodsky