The Bride And The Snake - 1997

Installation Installation view at Villa Salati, Paestum, Italy 2005
Installation Installation view at the Royal Academy, Stockholm 1999
Three channel video installation with sound I Duration: 07:40 min. loop I Screening format: 3:4 I 1997 I Edition: 7+1 AP I © Helen Broms Sandberg.
Synchronized projections showing different scenes from the same story. A story that was told by the mother of a friend and said to be true: During a wedding in an outdoor chapel a young bride is bitten by a snake. No one realizes that the snake is poisonous so the ceremony continues. An hour later, during dinner, the bride dies. In a dream I witness a wedding in a church ruin. The floor is covered in water and there are white water lilies floating on the surface. The guests are all dressed in black and move about slowly. When I accidentally discovers a derelict church north of Rome in ‘dead city’, abandoned 300 years ago during a malaria epidemic - a church that later proved to be the venue for secret black masses – the dream and the retold tale fall into place.
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