Still Leben I - 1991/2005

Installation Installation view at Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna 1995
Installation Installation view at NIFCA, Helsinkki 1995
Installation Installation view at Galleri Skarstedt, Stockholm 2006
B/w and color prints mounted onto glass I Heigt 150 cm I
Mirror images as shadow images, after images, ghost images, reflected duplications, double images as different identity conditions. I started working with the portraits after an experience while visiting a palace in Venice, famous for its ghoststories: “Entering a dark room the only source of light comes in through the chinks in the closed blinds. There is a strange blurred image on the wall, like an old map. A light is reflected on its surface. The image is moving. For a second it feels like someone is looking at me and then, like me looking at somebody else. It is a mirror and upon approaching it I realise that the reflected image is my face; fragmented, deformed, aged. The surface is like a membrane, a new skin between me and a ghostly image of myself emerging from infinity.”