Ceremony of Construction/Destruction - 1998

Installation Installation view at Gothenburg Art Museum 1998
Installation Installation view at Turkku Art Museum, Finland 1999
Two channel video installation with sound I Duration: 9:27 min. Loop I Screening format: 3:4 I 1998 I Edition: 7+1 AP
Ceremony of Construction/Destruction takes the religious ritual Corpus Domini as its starting point: During the days of preparation all the flowers in the fields are devastated. Millions of petals are torn off by hundreds of hands, women’s hands, one by one, and than laid out by the same hands in patterns until every paving-stone is covered to decorate the way of the procession to the Mass. Watching the repeated motion for hours and hours, it becomes nearly painful, destructive. In a few minutes the congregation, hundreds of feet, men’s feet walks over the petals so they get destroyed and the patterns are disrupted. The next moment all is swept away. The video projections are accompanied by a sound to intensify the monotony of the movements by the nearly imperceptible over tunes.
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